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Services Overview

Playout & Distribution
Fully Managed Playout & Distribution Services, delivers your TV Channel DTH by Satellite or Cable Head-end Distribution.

Occasional Video & Data
Satellite routes and Fiber Links bring you worldwide connectivity with state-of-the-art Teleport Services

Digital Media Networks
Delivering TV/Radio, File Distribution / Data Broadcast services using Satellite, Broadband, VSAT or Hybrid combinations.

Television Facilities
Complete Television Solution, from Studios and Post Production through to Permanent Channel Facilities.

Outside Broadcasts
Sports Events, Music Concerts, News and Entertainment, delivers your Outside Broadcasts in SD/HD in Globe.

International Connectivity
Satellite experts provides Global Satellite and Terrestrial coverage through International Private Leased Circuits, Teleport Services.

Main Services


Digital License

Licensing for the Digital Arena is given special attention due the considerable demands of formats and specifications, which the digital domain demands.


Worldwide Content

Acquire Content from Sources Worldwide though focusing on content primarily from South Asian Sources being an area of our core expertise.


New Media

New Media modes of distribution in spite of recession. The Telecom industry continues to move forward in its expansion across the region.



Distribution Independent TV channels & Bouquets of Channels at Hotels, Commercial locations Public places across the region.